Anderson Elementary
Session 2012-060



Name Anderson Elementary
Web site http://www2.btcs.org/Webportals/Default.aspx?alias=www2.btcs.org/webportals/anderson
Location Sullivan, Tennessee, United States
Community Urban
Type Public


Subjects Science & Social Studies
Grades 3rd Grade
Students 63


Title Life Cycle of a Mealworm
Insects Darkling Beetle & Mealworm
Description Animal Life Cycles & the Scientific Method Students will explore the changes as a mealworm grows by using the steps of the scientific method. My students are third grade and most have never heard of a mealworm other than Mrs. Crain keeps them in her room. We will have learned the that the scientific method requires observations and recording data.They will be introduced to using the hand lens and microscope for making observations. I would like to use Bugscope to allow students to observe the mealworm during its different life stages up close and personal. In particular I would like them to examine the pupa stage. We usually just look at one with the hand lens. I would also like for them to see the wings of the darkling beetle and pose the question of why they do not fly.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Found you through a web search.