Chadwick International
Session 2011-117



Name Chadwick International
Web site http://www.chadwickinternational.org/
Community Urban
Type Private


Subjects Science
Grades 7th Grade
Students 64


Title Comparative study of insects and arachnids by anatomy and habitat type.
Insects Dragon flies, spiders, robber flies, grasshoppers, butterflies, wasps
Description Hey Bugscope friends. This is Aaron Miller, long-time user and advocate, now located outside of Seoul, South Korea. I'm still teaching 7th grade science in an international school with an American style curriculum to mostly Korean students. It's been quite an adventure and I've only been here 4 weeks! I would love to continue using Bugscope for students to develop questions about insect and arachnid comparative anatomy and function along with comparisons of insects among a range of habitats. We will be collecting insects throughout the year for a long-term ecological monitoring program we will be implementing around the local area. Therefore, I am flexible about the timing of the session. The climate is actually similar to Illinois so this is a very productive time but we will have preserved specimens for use throughout the year. I would love for all 4 of my classes to participate. We have a 70 minute block period on Wednesday (2 classes) and Thursday (the other 2 classes). Looking at your map of historic sessions I see that none have been in Korea. Let's change that. I know this may be a pain in the butt for you with the 14 hour time difference now and a 15 hour difference after you go on daylight savings time. The times for you wouldn't be too crazy but would mean staying late (for example, my 10:55-12:05PM class would be 9-10PM for you before daylight savings time and 8-9PM for you after). I see that you have done other sessions in China, Australia, etc. in the region which is the only reason I'm bugging you (no pun intended). Let me know if you are interested. We are a very high tech school with a 1-1 laptop program and a very fast internet connection (100mb/s) so I know we would have a very productive session. The kids here don't get outside too much but love learning and oddly enough many love catching insects so I know they would be into it. Thank you for your time, Aaron


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I've been a steadfast proponent and recipient of Bugscope goodness since 2005. I've spread the word every chance I get and always look forward to you working with my students each year. I like the new website design by the way.