Shanghai American School
Session 2008-001



Name Shanghai American School
Web site http://www.saschina.org
Location Minhang district, Shanghai, China
Community Urban
Type Private


Subjects science
Grades 1st Grade
Students 16


Title Insects
Insects mealworms, silkworms
Description Students will be studying the life cycle of meal worms and silk worms in the classroom. We are really in China but it won't accept our address in the address field. We are an American School in Shanghai. We are 12 hours ahead of you and were wondering if, since it may be difficult to do live, if we could send questions by email and receive responses by email. Then just go to your website to see the magnification of the bugs...


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Was doing a research paper and found an article about Chickscope which included your web address.