Sacajawea Middle School
Session 2007-046



Name Sacajawea Middle School
Web site http://www.bsd7.org
Location Bozeman, MT, US
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects Science, Math
Grades 7th Grade
Students 76


Title Biodiversity
Insects Macroinvertebrates, namely caddisfly, mayfly, and stonefly
Description Students will be collecting macroinvertebrates in nearby Bozeman Creek for purposes of water quality monitoring. This is part of our ongoing "unit" on ecology. To determine the quality of the stream itself, a diversity index is used based on the number and kinds of macroinvertebrates that are collected. To extend this study further, we will study adaptations these particular insects have that enable them (or not) to live in clean water - such as gills that are sometimes visable on the abdomen of mayflies. We will use Bugscope to look carefully at each type of insect to determine the adaptations it has that enables it to survive.


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