Peek's Chapel Elementary
Session 2005-013



Name Peek's Chapel Elementary
Web site http://pceweb.rockdale.k12.ga.us
Location Conyers, Georgia, USA
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects Entomology
Grades 3
Students 12


Title Mouth Parts and Leg Comparisons
Insects butterfly or moth, fly, mosquito, grasshopper
Description We plan to use the Bugscope to view the four different types of mouth parts typically found on insects. In a presentation to the class, an entomologist from the Georgia Extension Service mentioned the four types of mouth parts. The students have become very interested in the differences and would like to see for themselves. Also, the students have become interested in how insect leg adaptations show their environment. Our Entomology class is part of our county's gifted program. The students regularly attend classes at their zoned schools, but come to the Program Challenge center for advanced subjects one day each week. We plan to share what we learn through our classroom website.


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