Blocker Middle School
Session 2001-039



Name Blocker Middle School
Web site http://www.texascity.isd.tenet.edu/Blocker/index.html
Location Texas City , Texas, USA
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects Science I and Science II
Grades Gifted and Talented 7th and 8th
Students 80


Title Designing a Monarch Butterfly Garden
Insects Insects we collect will be in the area of the garden.
Description We plan to design a beautiful butterfly garden that will attract the migrating Monarch butterfly. To creat the wildflower garder, we need to know the types of insects that are now living in the present landscape. We do not want to disturb any helpful insects and at the same time want to be sure that these insects will contribute to our natural setting. Presently, we are establishing our property lines, physical setting, financial limitations, and hopefully avoid costly mistakes. The garden will be completed in stages over several months. The garden will need to be updated with plants that grow well in our climate and are native to our area. Morning doves, black birds, and hummingbirds do visit the gardens in our surrounding areas. In the future, it would be nice to cataloge the animals by taking photos of them as they enter the garden. This could be done with a motion sensor camera and we would probably be very surprised by the wild life that visits our garden. Please consider Blocker once again for Bugscope. Thank you, Judy Lee And Students


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I am proud to say I am an Alumini of Bugscope and hope to use this technology again.