Sarah Scott Middle School / Marquette University
Session 2001-010



Name Sarah Scott Middle School / Marquette University
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Subjects BIOLOGY / Science Methods courses
Grades College
Students -1


Description As a secondary and elementary science methods instructor (for pre-service teachers), I am interested in modeling the use of technology to these future educators. In planning unit curricula for any science topic, it is important for the educator to consider all the resources available outside the classroom and outside of the textbook. For some schools, access to microscopes may be relatively easy through grants or collaboration with universities. For some, access through computer networking may also be possible. It is important that I model some of the various possibilities to pre-service teachers that include internet and computer access. I also feel that having some control over the process of inquiry and discovery when using the internet is extremely valuable for young students to construct their own knowledge. It seems that BUGSCOPE provides that opportunity to students as well as teachers! How exciting to be able to choose a specimen, send it to be processed for EM imaging and then explore particular driving questions. How powerful to realize how an image can be magnified from a simple hand-held lens to the magnificence of EM imaging! I will use the process and the final images to show preservice teachers how to further investigate insect and animal life cycles, anatomy, animal diversity and contribution to ecosystems. I plan to locate a few insects from Hawaii when I am there in January!! We (as a college group) will look at some first and then we will send an insect of choice when we collaborate with an inner city middle school (April 15th) and view our specimen then!


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Through seeing it on the web during a regular search and through meeting with Umesh Thakkar!!