Lincoln School
Session 2000-007



Name Lincoln School
Web site http://www.familyeducation.net
Location Pana, Illinois, USA


Subjects All
Grades Fifth
Students -1


Description We would like to view a honey bee with your Bugscope this spring. We have decided on the honeybee for several reasons. First, the Title I reading aide has talked a lot about how her and her husband raised bees for many years on the farm. The kids were interested in her job as a beekeeper. Second, we will be reiviewing a science unit on plant pollination and honeybees are of course important to that cycle. Third, we are interested in looking at bees closely without the chance of being stung! The images would be used to carefully study various structures of the bee including the compound eyes, legs that collect pollen, the wings, and the stinger. The images will be used for a research activity. There are four computers in our room with Internet access. I don't know if I can use more than one at a time with the scope, but each group will have a different part to examine. After taking images, they will write about how the bee uses the part is specialized to serve a purpose for the bee to do its job. The writing will be placed around a large bee poster that will point to the parts. I will have my aide bring in various bee keeper equipment and tell the kids about beekeeping. Pictures will be taken and pure honey will be served to kids on biscuits. Some may even want to try the honeycomb. We will review the bees roll in the plant pollination cycle.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
A student informed me.