University of Connecticut
Session 2020-011



Name University of Connecticut
Web site coming soon
Community Rural
Type Public


Subjects entomology
Grades Other
Students 14


Title Insect Morphology Lab
Insects a mix
Description This experience will take place as a lab for my entomology SPSS 3830 class. The lab is held in the afternoon starting at 3 pm and it runs for 2 hours. However, I do not expect to use the all of this time. By this point in the semester students will have learned about basic insect morphology and I will integrate the microscopy session to highlight the amazing texture and structures found arising from the cuticle. Students will collect insect that they can submit or we can use specimens you provide. If possible, I prefer using something that they can submit so we can plan on the structures we see but either way it also works. the unit will be on insect external morphology.


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