Trailside Point Elementary
Session 2015-018



Name Trailside Point Elementary
Web site http://trailside.laveeneld.org/
Location Maricopa County, Arizona, United States
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects all
Grades 5th Grade
Students 115


Title Bugs, up close and personal
Insects Various bugs in our area
Description In our science classes we talk about tools a scientist uses. Once of those tools we don't have much access to, a microscope is vital to understanding the world around us. I would like students to experience the use of the Bugscope to see how changing the perspective can change the things we know about bugs. We will have students create scientific drawings of their bugs and label the parts. After using the Bugscope students will be adding to those drawings to create their own inserts into the drawing to better identify what that part of the bug looks like. Something they have seen all year in the textbook but have never seen the connection in real life. We will then ask them to analyze their own learning and write a short essay about the experience. I currently teach 5th grade with 3 other teachers. We are self contained but do many things as a grade level. We teach in a title 1 district and are focused to get our students to college and making all their goals happen. That happens by bringing opportunities to them. Bugscope is just one way to really make a lasting impression on them regarding science as a school subject and as a career. We are integrating Bugscope into our end of the year review, helping prepare students for 6th grade. My requested date is the last week of school and Bugscope is a reward for a hard year of learning. We believe that even rewards have a strong message in them. When science is a reward for student success, science becomes even cooler to students. Here at TSP learning is a reward and learning is fun.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I found it online completely by accidents a few years ago. It was a great discovery.