Valley Center High School
Session 2015-002



Name Valley Center High School
Web site http://vchs.vcpusd.net/cms/page_view?d=x&piid=&vpid=1361705892097
Location San Diego County, California, United States
Community Rural
Type Public


Subjects Life Science and Biology
Grades 9th Grade, 10th Grade
Students 36


Title Multiformity of Insects as seen through Microscopy
Insects hope to get variety of mountain and high desert types here - moths especially and large beetles
Description I have taught my Life Science class about the history of Microscopes and the discovery of the cell as well as used online sites to practice manipulating microscopes we first discussed lenses and light curvature using lenses and water drops on objects to observe the changes in size due to the curvature and I had them relate this to the curvature of lenses. we then moves to "out door sets of Discovery Scopes" that I purchased years ago and we go "on a field trip around campus and I let them find really any object they think would look interesting in the Discover Scope lens. This was a Lab that included many a dead insect and even webs. we did then do traditional learning viewing in a real lab scope as well as viewing cells in a lab microscope. we learned about Electron Microscopes during my lecture and how they processed images as well as viewed images on line. I even have four large photos i have saved that I actually had to produce on my own and have blown up to posters from my University of Biola in La Mirada! the students would be fascinated during the section of animal kingdom study - to be able to "see their own bus in Electron Imagery" \. I have their lab write ups just from viewing the insects in a scope lens - they are fascinated at how extremely intricate and complicated and interlocking they are. I would love to continue to foster their love of nature and value of life no matter how small, as well as increase their appetite for science and technology; especially as a high school students.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
i was given the bug scope link from my principal who received a principal of the year in san diego county Ms. Ron McCowan we are a distinguished high school school in rural north county San Diego