Latin School
Session 2013-089



Name Latin School
Web site http://www.latinschool.org
Location Cook, Illinois, United States
Community Urban
Type Private


Subjects 6th Grade Science
Grades 6th Grade
Students 75


Title Insects Up Close
Insects any we can find, cicada probably
Description Hi. I am studying insects with my classes right now. My students do an interdisciplinary project where they research insects in my class and then use the characteristics as they write mysteries in Language Arts. They use insects and other arthropods as the characters in these stories. I love microscopy and do have my students look at insects under dissecting microscopes and digital microscopes. I would love for them to get to see their insects with an SEM. My question is that I have 4 sections of this same class. Is there any way I could have 4 brief sessions so that they could all experience it? Thank you, Juliana


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
One of my colleagues heard about it through her niece.