Juan Pacifico Ontiveros
Session 2013-065



Name Juan Pacifico Ontiveros
Location Santa Barbara, California, United States
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects Multiple Subject
Grades 3rd Grade
Students 30


Title Animal Adaptations
Insects Various
Description We will be studying animals and how they adapt. I will ask the students to view the insects and draw them with and without magnifying glasses and make observations on what allows the insects to survive in their habitat. I will also bring in my home microscope to look at various parts if an insect is not intact. As our session unfolds, I will ask students to draw your close versions. We will compare and discuss how insects are different. It will lead into research reports on animals of the student's choice.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I had a bugscope session in my credential program at Cal State East Bay. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would love to share this with my low income students.