California State Univ- East Bay
Session 2013-044



Name California State Univ- East Bay
Web site http://www20.csueastbay.edu
Location Alameda, California, United States
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects Preservice Teacher Science Methods
Grades Other
Students 25


Title Using Bugscope as an inquiry tool
Insects bees, flies and spiders
Description This Bugscope session will challenge preservice, K-5 teachers to use Bugscope as a tool for promoting inquiry in the classroom. We will apply this tool to the Next Generation Science Standards (investigating scale, size, structure and function). We intend to compare bees, flies and spiders - narrow our focus on fewer specimens to see if this assists the asking of more detailed questions. In the past, we have looked at a multitude of insects during a session. Now we are hoping more focus will deepen questions and inquiry skills.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I have used Bugscope since 2000! I hope you use it too!!