North Harford Middle School
Session 2011-196



Name North Harford Middle School
Web site https://www.edline.net/pages/North_Harford_Middle_School
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects Biology
Grades 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade
Students 76


Title Mrs. Post's Biology
Description I am partnering with Mrs. Post, the 8th grade science teacher at North Harford Middle School in Maryland, under the American Chemical Society's Science Coaches program. Under this program I try to help out the teacher in whatever ways she needs. Mrs., Post would like to give her students some firsthand experience with real world microscopy using biological specimens, most probably an insect. This will give her a chance to introduce entomology as well. Mrs. Post has 4 classes in her 8th grade. Would it be possible to give a half hour to 45 min to each class? I know that some of the classes are not back to back. If it is preferable to just do one block of time, we can live with that. Thank you for doing what you do! This is a fantastic way to promote science! :)


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