Moyock Elementary School
Session 2011-017



Name Moyock Elementary School
Web site http://www.currituck.k12.nc.us
Location New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Community Rural
Type Public


Subjects all
Grades 2nd Grade
Students 18


Title Insect Adaptations
Insects butterflies, dragonflies, etc.
Description The children will learn how the different parts of insects help them adapt to and survive within their habitats. They will focus on the body parts, the shapes of those parts, the unique properties of those parts, etc. which allow them to survive. In the classroom, adaptation characteristics such as camouflage, mimicry, etc. will also be taught. After our Bugscope session, my students will then use their knowledge about the different adaptations to create their own insect and write a "research" story that describes the adaptations their insects posess, the habitat they live in and how those adaptations help their insects to survive.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I have been utilizing the Bugscope microscope in my classroom instruction for numerous years.