Hattie Dyer Elementary
Session 2011-005



Name Hattie Dyer Elementary
Location Vigo, Indiana, United States
Community Rural
Type Public


Subjects All
Grades 2nd Grade
Students 140


Title End of Insect Unit
Description We used Bugscope at the end of our insect unit last year and really enjoyed it. Last year we had all six of our second grade classes in the room at the same time it was a little too hectic with all those kids. This year we would like to do two thirty minute groups. Last year We had the students submit questions before the event and I just typed in the kids questions as fast as I could. They loved seeing their questions answered by your team. I know this years kids will love it to. So we will probably have about a ten minute pause in the middle of the time we are requesting to change out class groups if that is ok. Last year we didn't get bugs mailed in but loved using yours that you had. We will try and send some this year.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Repeat user :). Last year I herd about it through Texas Region 11 newsletter.