Winchester THurston School
Session 2010-120



Name Winchester THurston School
Web site http://www.winchesterthurston.org
Location Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States
Community Urban
Type Private


Subjects MS Science
Grades 6th Grade
Students 44


Title Insect Adaptations
Insects misc--students will collect
Description Students have learned about insects in class and collected them in the field. We talk about various adaptations of insects and their respective roles in the environment in our unit "Insects & Ecology". Bugscope would allow students to see small scale adaptations, such as setae, etc., close-up. In addition, they can explore insect anatomy in greater depth. I have had the privilege of participating in BugScope with prior classes; BugScope increased my students’ enthusiasm for both bugs and the technology used. Even students who are not comfortable with the live bugs we look at in class suddenly become enthusiastic when participating in the live chats with the BugScope scientists (always their favorite part of the experience). In addition to being part of our insect unit, we talk about the experience in our microscopy unit "Wee Beasties" and compare the magnification with our microscopes. Finally, we study the atom in a later unit and I make sure to reference our BugScope experience with the SEM. We discuss how it works---and they are even more amazed.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Have participated in previous years