Harlem Educational Activities Fund
Session 2010-056



Name Harlem Educational Activities Fund
Web site http://www.heaf.org
Location New York, NY, US
Community Urban
Type Nonedu


Subjects Entomology, Ecology, Biology
Grades 8th Grade
Students 20


Title A Bug's Life
Description Students will study the scientific areas of entomology, genetics, ecology and biology in a class designed to explore how insects survive in the harshest environments and how certain adaptations would allow insects to survive even cataclysmic events on the planet. First, students will study, dissect, write about and draw insect species. They will learn Latin names, and the structure and function of the parts of insects’ bodies. On excursions, students will see and study various species and consider which aspects of the different species function best in their natural environments as well as what adaptations would be needed to survive a specific earth change such as global temperature increase or decrease. Utilizing what they have learned about bugs’ bodies and the environment, groups of 4-5 students will create a model of a new super-bug, and write a short science fiction story demonstrating their understanding of how a their bug’s structure makes it the most likely to survive in a particularly harsh environment.


Where did you hear
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Internet search for entomology resources