Cedar Tree Montessori
Session 2009-164



Name Cedar Tree Montessori
Web site http://cedar-tree.org
Location Bellingham, WA, US
Community Urban
Type Private


Subjects all
Grades 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade
Students 24


Title Horntail
Insects Horntail
Description We have been studying insects for six weeks. As part of the unit, we've been looking at parts of the insect body. We have diagrams and have been looking through lenses to simulate different types of animal eye lenses. We also constructed life-size models of the prehistoric precursor to dragonflies and damselflies. We made the compound eyes, the veined wings and the legs. We also made charts about how insects eat and got really grossed out! We got all excited about the horntail that we looked at under the microscope. The kdis would love to see more detail. Their favorite books are the electron microscope photos of insects. We are a small, private, nonprofit elementary Montessori school (first through sixth grades) with a group of kids who wouldn't fit into regular public schools for a variety of reasons.


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