Fehl Elementary
Session 2009-132



Name Fehl Elementary
Location Beaumont, TX, US
Community Urban
Type Public


Subjects All
Grades 3rd Grade
Students 32


Title Interdependence In an EcoSystem
Insects Not certain yet
Description Students will explore in our school Habitat for any bugs and insects. If we find none (which happens often - lots of concrete) I will order ladybugs, worms, and butterfies. Students will have to compare the difference between insects/bugs; what needs are meet/not meet; what would happen in the environment if this part of the food web were missing or diminished; what are the primary/secondary producers and consumers in their ecosystem. They will have to design an insect or bug that will fit into the parameters of four different planets, each planet having a particular climate, preditor/prey situation, etc.They will design, illustrate and explain why they chose to design their minibeast this way.


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