Amphitheater Middle School
Session 2009-117



Name Amphitheater Middle School
Web site http://www.amphi.com/schools/ams/
Location Tucson, AZ, US
Community Urban
Type Public


Subjects Science
Grades 7th Grade
Students 60


Title Qualitative comparison of insect and arachnid stingers, claws and fangs.
Insects Various spiders, Solpugid sp., Digger wasp, Tarantula hawk, Antilion larva, scorpion
Description We would like to compare and contrast different insects and arachnid stingers, claws and fangs. Students will create Venn diagrams and short essays about the adaptive advantage of stingers, claws and fangs. They will analyze the differences and similarities in structure and function between and within family groups by later studying the photos of our Bugscope session. I will be integrating Bugscope into an Ecology unit. We study competition, limiting factors, carrying capacity, niches, food webs, human/nature conflicts and problems.


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