Laurelton-Pardee Intermediate School
Session 2009-072



Name Laurelton-Pardee Intermediate School
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects All
Grades 5th Grade
Students 20


Title Insects as Food
Insects specimens found around school
Description In our fifth grade curriculum, we are presently studying small animals and their aquatic, seashore and land habitats. We are also discussing the insects that these animals eat and would like to be able to see them better using the electron microscope. In addition, insects from our area will be sent in to be viewed. We will be using small, low powered microscopes, in our classroom, but we would like to view them using the electron scanning microscope. It is important for us to be learning about the role that these insects play in our the environment. The life cycle of the monarch butterfly was discussed this past fall when we raised the caterpillars and then tagged and released the butterflies before they migrated to Mexico.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I reviewed an article that was submitted to Science and Children magazine about their experience with the Bugscope project and recommended it for publication. I also presented Bugscope at the STANYS meeting in the fall of 2008 and at NSTA in March 2009.