Cathedral Grade School
Session 2009-050



Name Cathedral Grade School
Web site http://cgs.dio.org
Community Urban
Type Private


Subjects Technology
Grades 4th Grade
Students 10


Title WANTED ! Dead or Alive
Insects Ants, Beetles, Cricket, Spider, Fly etc
Description We will be making a WANTED poster of various bugs in the area. They will need to state what bug is WANTED and for what crime it committed. For example: Dust Mite, Wanted for invading your sheets ! Reward for capture Name: Alias: Features: Description: Habitat: Last found: These are really cute posters that will hang in our room. One picture will be of the insect and the second a closeup MUG shot of the insect. By looking at BUGSCOPE we will give the students insight into the different insects found around their home. What they look like up close and their characteristics. Each student will try to have a different insect.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Teacher at Blessed Sacrament School, Springfield,Illinois