Propel East
Session 2009-010



Name Propel East
Web site http://www.propelschools.org
Community Urban
Type Public


Subjects Science
Grades 6th Grade, 7th Grade
Students 25


Title Populations and Ecosystems
Insects Milkweed Bugs
Description Our students will raise milkweed bugs in a supportive habitat to study the insects' life cycle and behavior. After reviewing core vocabulary associated with the milkweed-bug investigation-organism, individual, and habitat-students assemble the zip-bag habitat to house the bugs during the reproduction study. Each class will complete one task in the assembly project. Last period will put the bugs into the finished habitat.For several weeks students observe and record events in the milkweed-bug habitats. Students should observe feeding and drinking, movement, mating, egg laying, hatching, and molting. After 8 weeks students should observe the completion of the milkweed-bug life cycle and see a multitude of offspring.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
During a Media Coordinators meeting, a fellow colleague shared this resource with me. I am very exciting about this experience.