St. Joseph
Session 2008-143



Name St. Joseph
Community Suburban
Type Private


Subjects science, english, social studies, math
Grades 5th Grade
Students 23


Title mantis
Insects praying mantis
Description We have both a male and female praying mantis, who are now dead. Before she died the female layed two egg sacks. The eggs have been on a twig in an aquarium for two months now and nothing has happened to them. We don't know if they were fertilized or not. We have searched for information on the internet, but every site offers diffferent information. We want to know how we can tell if the eggs will hatch and if they do, what should we do? When can we expect them to hatch? This is the first time that wehave used Bugscope. We do almost all hands on science in my class. We have studied about mircoscopes and would like to know how the electron microscope differs from the ones we have in our room.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
A student whose mother gets "Instructor Magazine" brought an article from the teaching resources page for me to read.