Shiloh Point Elementary School
Session 2008-029



Name Shiloh Point Elementary School
Web site http://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us
Location Cumming, GA, US
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects First Grade
Grades 1st Grade
Students 22


Title Wonderful world of Insects
Insects Butterfly, grasshopper, beetles, praying mantis, bee, cricket
Description We used your Bugscope and it was such a hit that I want to do it again. Goal: Our Standards require me to teach Animal Characteristics. We Discovered that Animals are broken into two major groups, Invertebrates and Vertebrates. From that we studied Vertebrate groups of Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds and Fish. Then we looked at Invertebrates. My goal is to challenge the students to learn more about their insect! Progress so far: The students discovered that the Insect group was the largest group of all animals. They have learned the parts, habitats, eating and life cycles of insects. Each student has chosen a different insect. They have written a report on their insect and created a model. They have seen the animals on the internet and have caught their insects. Seeing them is very hard! Special Day: We have a “Bug Day with Dad”. During 4 hours in the morning each student’s dad comes and participates with their child completing centers. They will have a math challenge, writing challenge, graphing challenge, reading challenge and computer challenge. In the computer lab they will use their face and create their insect that they have been studying. They will show that they know the parts and habitats of their insect. End goal: First grade is the time to develop inquiry skills. My students need to be challenged to a higher level! These students have amazing technology in our county! We have the large Promethian White boards in every classroom. They are linked to the lap top and web. The students create flip charts, look for information on the web and create reports right in front of each other! What an incredible addition for these digital kids to experience, BUGSCOPE!


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
We did it last year and had a BLAST! Our beetle is the one that arrived alive and escaped!!!