Walter Douglas Elementary
Session 2007-076



Name Walter Douglas Elementary
Web site http://www.douglas.flowingwellsschools.org/
Community Urban
Type Public


Subjects Science, Math, Reading, Spelling
Grades 5th Grade
Students 76


Title Compare and Contrast Arthropod Heads and Wings
Insects praying mantis head, moth head and wing, tick, cicada wing, butterfly wing, spider
Description I have an after school science club that will be studying microscopy and insects soon. The BugScope would be an amazing extension from our hand loupes, light and digital microscopes that we use. The BugScope SEM would allow our investigations to step up to the next level. I surveyed students and they are very interested in comparing and contrasting different insect and arachnid heads as well as insect wings. They are curious about the connection between where an insect lives and what it eats and the structure of its head and wings. We will be sending specimens that we believe will show a range of different feeding and flight strategies. We will use the images to write compare and contrast essays about two insects. We will discuss what we see and I will infuse how important microscopes are to scientific discovery. We will also talk about possible careers in the sciences that use microscopes as part of their work. It would be an honor to be selected to use the Bugscope. My science club is serious about learning and they are curious about the "Science of the Small" as I call it. We are flexible on the dates requested as long as it is on a Tuesday or Thursday 3-4 PM MST. We could also do a 3:30-4:30 MST time slot if that works. Don't hesitate to ask. This would be a unique opportunity for these students as most come from very poor neighborhoods. We are a Title 1 school and most of our students are on free and reduced lunch. This would truly be a once in a lifetime experience for them. As an aside, I grew up in Ottawa, IL and almost went to UI-Urbana. It is nice to see such cool science coming out of Illinois. I have emailed BugScope staff and received confirmation that the above times could be accomodated and I really appreciate it. I am very excited about the possibility of using the Bugscope. This is a great program and I hope it continues. Sincerely, Aaron Miller


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I found you while searching for science activities on the internet. I also read an article about your work in an NSTA magazine this fall.