Yarmouth Elementary School
Session 2007-047



Name Yarmouth Elementary School
Location Yarmouth, ME, US
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects All:math, literacy, social studies, and science
Grades 3rd Grade
Students 22


Title Third Graders Take A Closer Look
Insects ant, pill bug, ladybug
Description My third grade class will be working on honing their scientific observation skills during our first science unit on insects. I am a looping teacher, therefore I had this class last year. During their 2nd grade experience, the children began a science observation journal. We’ll continue to use the same journal this year. However, my expectations will increase. One way to increase the sophistication of the observation would be to access your Bugscope project technology. We will review how to observe insects using the naked eye, a hand lens, and digital microscope prior to the session. If granted, I would like to use the Bugscope project as a way to extend our observation work with insects. We’ll use this experience to build upon skills acquired in second grade.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
One of my teaching partners told me about Bugscope. She and I are collaborating on many projects this year.