Milwaukee Public Museum
Session 2007-041



Name Milwaukee Public Museum
Web site http://www.mpm.edu
Location Milwaukee, WI, US
Community Urban
Type Public


Subjects Entomology & Ecology
Grades 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade
Students 16


Title Ecology
Insects Butterflies/ Pollinators
Description We have used bugscope in the past and hope to use it again in 2008. Though I would like to schedule everything in advance to better structure my curriculum. I hope to schedule 4 dates well in advance. 02/04/08 @4pm, 02/05/08 @3:30pm, 03/31/08 @3:30pm, and 04/01/08 @4pm These sessions would be with 4 groups of 7th grade girls from the innercity with about 15 girls in each session. We would have 8 laptops that would be logged in so they could more easily ask questions. This also would be a refresher on entomology, though with a focus on ecology and the importance of pollination.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
MIchelle from Marquette University, and our Entomologist on staff Su Borkin.