Yarmouth Elementary School
Session 2007-035



Name Yarmouth Elementary School
Web site http://yes.yarmouth.k12.me.us/Pages/index
Location Yarmouth, Maine, USA
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects All: math, science, literacy, social studies
Grades 3rd
Students 19


Title Insects: More Than Meets the Eye.
Insects Dragonfly, dragonfly larva, beetle, Lunar moth, Monarch butterfly, fly
Description I will use Bugscope to enhance the quality of our scientific observations. We observe many different specimens with our hand lenses and the Digital Blue microscope that I have in my classroom. Students are in awe of the impact that a hand lense or a microscope has compared to the naked eye. As a result, I have found their writing and descriptions to be much more involved and thoughtful. My hope is that with Bugscope, students will be able to compare their observations and gain a greater understanding of different bug specimens. This interactive medium will enable students to slow down and truly see what this amazing world has to offer. My classroom composition consists of 11 girls and 8 boys in a heterogenous group. ALL students in my classroom (regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or economic background) deserve the opportunity to interact with technology and be challenged. As a teacher, I take my role of providing opportunities to students very seriously. I want each child to leave my classroom with a desire to learn and to realize that the scientific world is at his/her fingertips. Collaboration is a district requirement in Yarmouth. I plan to share Bugscope with my entire 3rd grade team, as well as with the whole school. The more students have access to this opportunity, the more likely they will become hooked on science!


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I heard about Bugscope from our school technology coordinator, Cathy Wolinsky.