Washington State University
Session 2007-032



Name Washington State University
Web site http://www.wsu.edu
Location Richland, Washington, USA
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects Methods of Educational Technology
Grades Juniors in college
Students 27


Title Teaching Preservice Teachers to use BugScope
Insects Whatever you have on hand!
Description We plan to use the projector in conjunction with the teaching computer that is located in the front of the lab. Each student will have a turn running the controls and controlling the scope. The IM feature of the dialog is always most helpful and we look forward to lively interaction with the experts on hand. It is my goal to bring this to as many teachers and students in the Southeastern Washington area. Each preservice teacher that has gone through WSU in the last two years has had this training. Our first cohort is currently preparing for their first teaching position, so it will be nice to see who chooses to integrate it into their curriculum.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I have participated 4 times in the last two years and have really enjoyed the experience. It is a favorite topic among the preservice teachers and I would like to do it again! Prior to this, I worked in Beckman and learned about BugScope on a Beckman Open House night.