Saltsburg MHS
Session 2007-031



Name Saltsburg MHS
Web site http://www.b-ssd.org
Location Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Community Rural
Type Public


Subjects Biology and General Science
Grades 9-11


Title Microscopes
Insects Photuris lucicrescens
Description In this lesson, Bugscope will be used to show students the differences between different types of microscopes. They will be comparing what they see using a compound microscope to what they see using the bugscope. They will be asked to write a journal entry about the experience as part of a microscope packet. Saltsburg MHS is composed of approximately 450 students. Last year, only two of these students were an ethenicity other than caucasian. I will have one of these students in my biology class. Otherwise, my classes will be composed of equal amounts male and female students. I will be videotaping the classes in which we use bugscope so that I may share the lesson at our monthly science meetings. At these meetings, we help teachers who are uncomfortable teaching biology develop a greater understanding of science concepts.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
2007 Noyce Conference in DC