Lincoln Grade School
Session 2007-012



Name Lincoln Grade School
Web site http://www.robinsonschools.com
Location Robinson, Illinois, USA
Community Rural
Type Public


Subjects Self-contained Classroom
Grades Third
Students 23


Title Caterpillar Crochets
Insects Painted Lady Larva
Description I will use Bugscope to augment our study of insects in grade 3. We receive painted lady larvae from the U of I Extension office as a service from 4-H. This unit will be taught through use of the Big Idea of Change, Constancy, and Measurement. I have collaborated with the computer lab aide and will have all 5 classes of third grade come to the computer lab to see the Bugscope demonstration. We will look for the very small parts of the caterpillars, such as the crochets, that can't be seen with a magnifying lens. I plan lessons that are fair and equitable, making sure that each student has fair and equitable access to materials, instruction, and teacher time. We have little race and ethnic diversity at our school. In my classroom I have 2 bi-racial children and 1 Hispanic child.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I read about it in our local newspaper.