Blanche Ely High School
Session 2006-045



Name Blanche Ely High School
Location Pompano Beach, Florida, USA
Community Urban
Type Public


Subjects AP Biology and Forensic Science
Grades 12
Students 30


Title Drosophila melanogaster morphology
Insects Drosophila melanogaster
Description I will incorporate the use of Bugscope in my classroom by having my students engaged in studying the use of the scanning electron microscope in analyzing the morphological characteristics of fruit flies. The students performed a Drosophila observation project in which they recorded observations of their assigned fruit flies for two weeks and now I would like for them to observe these fruit flies under a high degree of magnification.I will allow students to work in pairs and allow them to use Bugscope for a predetermined amount of time in order to allow all students to have access to the computer. My students are predominately African-American female students who do not have access to many of the scientific technologies available today. I will definitely share this project with my colleagues by developing a Powerpoint presentation on how I involved this project into my classroom lessons and will present it at the Science Department meetings.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?