Saint Anselm
Session 2006-044



Name Saint Anselm
Web site http://www.stanselmschool.com
Location San Anselmo, California , USA
Community Suburban
Type Private


Subjects science
Grades 5th
Students 30


Title Marvellous Magnification
Insects Local specimens collected by students.
Description In the 5th Grade the students learn about different methods of magnification including compound and electron microscopes. They are fascinated by the images produced by the scanning electron microscope. This year the school has purchased new laptops for the students, a portable computer cart and airport access to the Internet. The Bugscope Project would be a perfect way to integrate this new technology into my classes while providing the students with an exciting science experience. Being able to view EM images of their specimens using remote control would be a terrific lesson. The 5th Grade class is composed of 19 girls and 11 boys. All are caucasian except for one mixed filipino student. The school would share information about our Bugscope experience with parents and the community using the school website and the weekly school newsletter.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
By looking on the Internet for activities related to microscopes.