Field SChool
Session 2006-043



Name Field SChool
Web site http://www.d64.org
Location Park Ridge, Illinois, USA
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects Science
Grades 5
Students 28


Title Microscopes
Insects We would prefer to look at your specimens
Description We have used Bugscope for several years now. We hope that this activity will instill a long-lasting impression on our 5th graders. We hope that they will one day seek out carreers in the field of science! We have 28, white, upper-middle class students who love learning. This year, my class is very high in the areas of math and science. I have pictures from last year's Bugscope session and the children are very excited to see similar bugs! Each pair of students will have two ibooks. (One will be for chatting while the other will be solely for looking at the images. ) If they write silly or wasted questions they will lose their chatting privledges.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I learned about it from our science coordinator, Tony Clishem. We have done Bugscope for 4 years now!