Washington State University, Tri-Cities campus
Session 2006-027



Name Washington State University, Tri-Cities campus
Web site http://www.wsu.edu
Location Richland, Washington, USA
Community National Lab (PNNL) saturated area, otherwise suburban
Type Extension campus


Subjects High school science, WSU Education & Chemistry classes
Grades T&L 521
Students 7


Title Teaching Teachers to Investigate Bugscope
Insects Same as spring? No new ones to send :(
Description In this course, I would like to introduce preservice high school teachers to the BugScope website as a teaching tool. As of today, the course has a cohort of 7 students enrolled. They are graduate students that have about one year of schooling left before they eneter the workforce as teachers, hopefully in the Washington area. It is my intention to introduce this technology to all of the preservice teachers at WSU moving forward.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
As a recent grad of UIUC, I attended the Open House at Beckman and talked to the scientists involved with the project.