Field School
Session 2006-025



Name Field School
Web site http://www.d64.org
Location Park Ridge, Illinois, USA
Community Suburban
Type Public


Subjects All
Grades 5
Students 23


Title Bugscope
Description We are studying microscopes in our current science curriculum. I would like the students to have the experience looking at a variety of different specimens under the microscope. The bugscope will show them another type of microscope and hopefully inspire them to want to learn more in this scientific field. The district encourages participation in the program, and I want my students to have the experiene that many others have already had this year. I have 23 students, mostly from an upper-middle class background. One of my student is a recent immigrant from Colombia. For all of them, the bugscope will help them broaden their world and motivate their scientfic brains to develop. We have a computer cart with lap tops, so every student will have a lap top available to participate in the experiment. In pairs, one child can have the bug on the screen and the other can have the chat board on the screen, so they can ask questions easily. I will have support from the technologist as well as the curriculum specialist. We are looking forward to this experience.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
through the district curriculum specialist for science