Milwaukee Public Museum Science Explorations
Session 2006-020



Name Milwaukee Public Museum Science Explorations
Web site http://education.mpm.edu/programs/nsf/index.php
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Community Urban
Type Afterschool program in public museum (for public schools)


Subjects entomology, geology, ecology, genetics
Grades 7
Students 12


Title Examination of insect adaptations
Insects Blue Morpho Butterfly, Owl-eye moth, elephant beetle
Description The Science Explorations After School Program is designed as an intervention program for minority inner-city girls, who have been shown to lose interest in science and technology, and perform more poorly than boys, starting in 6th grade. We have partnerships with four Milwaukee schools, and provide transportation and snacks, hands on activities, close interaction with scientists, and examination and use of our biology- and geology-related exhibits.The ethnic background of the girls in the program is approximately 58% African American; 3% Asian American; 27% Hispanic; 1% European American and 10% mixed race. For this spring's program on ecology, the close-up views of some species of insects with distinct adaptations will be the center point of a session on adaptations to a variety of environments, predator avoidance, and bright colors for attracting mates. In the future, this will be ideal for the autumn session on butterflies and entomology. The various structures of butterflies and moths that are so important to an understanding of their lives (such as the proboscis, antennae, and wing scales.) Our curator of insects and a professor from Marquette University have both expressed interest in assisting with this portion of the program. In reporting and presentations, Bugscope would be discussed as one component of the program, and teachers who come to help supervise the girls will be able to take the information back to their schools.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Through a University science education teacher, who uses our Museum class workshops.