Old Trail School
Session 2005-051



Name Old Trail School
Web site http://www.oldtrail.org
Location Bath, Ohio, USA
Community Suburban
Type Private


Subjects science
Grades first
Students 54 in three classes


Insects walking sticks, tarantula
Description Our first grade classes have been studying insects and spiders. We have been doing a comparitive study classifying specimens into these two groups based on anatomical features, i.e. number of body parts, legs, eyes, antennae, wings, etc. Students began this study collecting live specimens from around the school grounds for identification and classification. To compare insect and spider anatomy students participated in several activities including microscope observations, dissections, charting, games and songs. We recently adopted tarantulas fpr our three first grade classrooms combining our study of animals with our biome of study-- the desert. Participation in the bugscope project would be a wonderful conclusion to our study as we move our focus to winter birds of Ohio. Our school is a Pre-8 school. Our science staff plans to make this a school wide experience.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Our school librarian