Miller School of Albemarle
Session 2005-028



Name Miller School of Albemarle
Web site http://www.millerschool.org
Location Charlottesville, Virginia , USA
Community Rural
Type Private


Subjects A.P. Enivronmental Science
Grades 12
Students 4


Title Shannon Weiner Diversity Index
Insects whatever species the students find as part of the population study
Description Four students signed up for this class last spring (the composition may change once the year starts). There are two girls and two boys. Three of the students are boarding students: one from Virginia and two from Korea. I would guess they are also of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds because our school overall is quite diverse in terms of race, nationality, and socioeconomic background; however I'm not sure of the details. This field investigation is based on William Molnar's


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
NY Times article - Aug. 3 '05 - Circuits section