Robin Crest Learner Center
Session 2005-015



Name Robin Crest Learner Center
Location Leverett, Massachusetts, USA
Community Rural
Type Private


Subjects science, math, language arts, history
Grades 5th
Students 3


Title Insects
Insects Butterflies
Description RCLC is a school for children with special needs, whether these needs be that they just don't fit in a regular public school classroom, or that they are diagnosised with something like ADHD or austism, we believe at RCLC that all children can be active learners. With science we able to tap into each of our students interests, strengths, and love of learning something new. This science mini-lesson is on insects and we have chosen butterflies as our focus. Bugscope will allow us to view our specimen with a microscope we do not have in our school. Bugscope will also tap into the interest our students have for the technology of the computer and internet. We have successfully completed interactive workshops through scholastics and all of our students enjoyed the use of the computer in this kind of


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
NSTA website