Island School
Session 2004-040



Name Island School
Web site http://ischool.org
Location Lihue, Hawaii, USA
Community Rural
Type Private


Subjects All
Grades 5
Students 21


Insects Centipede, bee, wasp, scorpion, mosquito, spider
Description Our science class is grounded in the scientific method and observation is crucial. As a basis for discussion on the classification of organisms, as well as introducing the relationship of form to function and how they relate to individual organisms, species, their social behavior and respective niches, we are going to look at a variety of biting and stinging arthropods that are found on Kauai. Island school is a small ethnically diverse K-12 school that encourages a spirit of sharing and community (aloha) reflective of our Hawaiian environment. If we are fortunate enough to use Bugscope, we will inform the student body and faculty of our plans, and share the experience with them by having the 5th grade students make presentations. We will notify the local newspaper and have the class write an article for the school newspaper.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
My husband who is a physician frequently co-teaches science with me. He found Bugscope on the link section of an elementary science webpage.