Cement High School
Session 2004-011



Name Cement High School
Location Cement , Oklahoma, USA
Community Rural
Type Public


Subjects Math, Geography, and Life Science
Grades 7th
Students 15


Title Arachnids
Insects differenct spider specimens
Description Our school of approximately 180 students K-12 is in a rural area with a majority of low socioecomonic families in an oilfield economy. My class is 95% caucasion and about equally divided between boys and girls. I hope to do a study of arachnids and to collect samples of different species within the local environment. I plan to share this project's details with our 6th grade teacher who is a new to this grade level this year but who is always eager to learn. Our computer lab will allow for most of the students to each be on a computer with myself and the computer teacher in one room. Thank you for your consideration. Mr. Dale L Baker


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I used this program two years ago. I originally learned about it while searching the web concerning subjects related to arthropod topics