Roland Park Elementary
Session 2003-081



Name Roland Park Elementary
Web site http://rolandparkpublic.org
Location Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Community Urban
Type Public


Subjects all subjects
Grades first
Students 27


Title Bug’s World
Insects Cricket, beetle, spider, house fly, yellowjacket
Description During the month of March, our 1nd graders (27 students) will be studying insects in a module of 5 sessions with BugScope being the culminating activity. Students will (1) learn about insects biology and ecology, (2) draw and name body parts of insects they collected; (3) learn about scales, microscopes and BugScope; (4) acquire images of insects faces and body parts during the BugScope session; (5) make posters with their drawings, printed EM pictures and insect facts. An exhibit of their posters will be organized, where students will present their work to other students and parents during a “poster session”. We will like to focus our pictures on body parts that help the insects to touch, smell, hear and see. This aspect will be an integral part of sessions 1 and 2, and will help students learn insects body parts. Beside, having bug’s face could make for a fun exhibit! A faculty member of the University of Maryland will assist us with the sessions. We will try to coordinate those activities between our three first grade classes. Two additional applications will be sent to you for the other first grade classes.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Student’s parent from the University of Maryland