Christ the King School
Session 2003-078



Name Christ the King School
Web site http://members.aol.com/ctklombard
Location Lombard, Illinois, USA


Subjects Math and Science
Grades 7
Students 14


Title Illinois State Science Fair Project--
Insects High quality molds of human teeth.
Description The purpose of this investigation is to find out the erosive effects of various beverages on human teeth. If teeth are exposed to various types of beverages, then, it is hypothesized, that the beverage with the highest acidic content will produce the greatest amount of erosion. First, impressions will be made of 20 human teeth. From these impressions, models will be made. These models will be scanned by an electron microscope and will serve as a baseline for comparison. In groups of 5, the teeth will be exposed to different beverages: 5 teeth exposed to Coca-Cola, 5 to apple juice, 5 to orange juice, and 5 to water. The tooth exposed to water will be the control. After the teeth have been exposed to the beverages for several days, new impressions will be made of these teeth and from these, new models will be made. These new models will be scanned. The images from these scans will be compared to the original scans. For this reason, we are requesting two Bugscope sessions. Physical changes will be observed and reported. Dear Dan and Scott . . . As you may surmise, this experiment is being done on behalf of a student at Christ the King School for the Illinois State Science Fair (the student is my son, John). Meanwhile, the student's teacher, Mrs. Engelman, will have the opportunity to learn how Bugscope works during the first proposed session as well as during the second needed session. Mrs. Engelman is very interested in using Bugscope in the future for a study of insects as well. Unfortunately, we are under a tight schedule at this point. It is our hope that you can accomodate us. Thank you!


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Ms. Engelman learned of Bugscope through Mr.Clishem, Science Curriculum Specialist in Park Ridge, Illinois.