The Odyssey School
Session 2003-052



Name The Odyssey School
Web site http://www.theodysseyschool.org
Location Stevenson, Maryland, USA
Community Suburban
Type Private


Subjects Science
Grades 3rd
Students 16


Title Adaptations of Arthropods
Insects Sowbugs, crickets, spider, millipedes
Description Our school is a coed school and the students who attend are dyslexic or have been diagnosed with a language related disability. Class size is small and addressing equity in terms of gender and learning styles is easily done. Our class size is eight students and I teach two classes. We will be studying arthropods this fall as part of a unit that will emphasize living and non-living characteristics as well as classifying animals according to structural and behavioral characteristics. We will be collecting insects using various means--Berlese fuunel, sweep net, and a board trap. We have the Brock microscopes to observe our collected specimens. The students will have the opportunity to use their journals to observe, sketch, and record. We will be observing both cricket and ant behavior. A beekeeper will make a presentation for the students. The emphasis during discussions will be on adaptations and diversity. We will be discussing how arthropods are adapted to particular habitats and what makes them unique. Students will be asked to take what they have learned and


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I heard about Bugscope last year through NSTA and the internet. I used it with a class and received enthusiastic praise! Students, teachers, and parents were very excited about it! We downloaded pictures and used them in a presentation. The students and I thought it was very useful and exciting to learn about what we were seeing while communicating online and viewing the images at the same time!