Edison Middle School
Session 2001-056



Name Edison Middle School
Web site http://students.ed.uiuc.edu/freymuth/team/jupiter.htm
Location Champagin, Illinois, USA
Community Urban
Type Public


Subjects science
Grades sixth
Students 130


Title Adaptations of Aquatic Insects
Insects Aquatic insects, water boatman, water strider, various nymphs, beetles etc.
Description As part of the 6th grade curriculum we do a study of a pond. One aspect has always been aquatic insects. This year we will be focusing on adaptions organisms have developed to live where they do. Bugscope would be used to take up close looks at different aquatic insects looking for adaptations they have developed to succeed in an aquatic environment. Examples might be; paddle shaped legs, hairs that aid in creating a greater surface area to stay afloat. Maybe specialized mouth parts used to capture or eat prey. Research questions or ideas will be developed by students and comparisons made with non aquatic insects.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
I heard about bugscope through the biology workbench.