St. Anne
Session 2001-048



Name St. Anne
Location Porterville, California , USA
Community Rural
Type Private


Subjects Science/Mathematics/Art
Grades 7th
Students 19


Title A Study of Insects
Insects Praymantis, grasshoper, bees
Description It will be great for students to be able to see the different parts of an insect and keep a file of their findings in order to understand its functions. We have a few microscopes but not an electron microscope. Students study this microscope, but they do not know how it looks like or function or what type of images it takes, they know it takes powerful images but if they are able to actually take one picture, then they will understand and remember. I think this project is a great opportunity for students to see compund eyes, the inside of an insect, its parts...and be able to understand how it functions. Then, students will display their findings on the Open House Day. I am also open to any suggestion given to me.


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